About Lelani

Lelani Carver is a Steampunk resident in Second Life who blogs a little about everything, and about nothing of any importance. She sells odds and ends inspired by her real and virtual lives at her store in Steelhead St Helens or on the Second Life Marketplace.


11 links for 11 December 2017

Today’s links on this topic: Topology – the often neglected entity: Community Announcements Submit Your Images for Pic of the Day 04/04/2017 You can submit your image for Pic of the Day consideration on our Official Second Life Flickr page. … Continue reading

Holy Crap, You Guys, I’m An Arteest Naow? #SecondLife

I won. Congratulations to the Windlight Magazine & St. John (Riel Estates) Photo Challenge winners! They are: 1st place: Lelani Carver 2nd Place: JamieWolf 3rd Place: Sugar Vegas Via: Windlight Magazine: Mardi Gras Photo Challenge Winners Yes, it’s very dark. … Continue reading