Dancing Liberally on Second Life: Pink Overload at a Very Swell Party

I was listening to Scott Simon discussing Second Life this morning, with someone who’s running one of many “virtual classrooms” in the virtual world. Scott gamely tried to describe the setup and what people were able to do.

Well, he sure didn’t make it to one of my favorite things to do, a Thinking Liberally event. This is part of the Cafe Wellstone/Donkey Club group that gelled a year or more ago around politics, crazy outfits, and dancing to great tunes. Our fearless leader is The General himself, who’s an enthusiastic documentararian of hypocrisy (and occasional producer of Second Life machinima featuring a nearly naked Dick Cheney).

Well, Mr. Scott Simon, THIS is what you were missing. And you probably didn’t make it to the Giant Snail Races today, either.

This event is billed as a Garden Tea Party in Pink, hosted by Serenity Wobbit, AKA Super Pink Thing/Bunneh, from the Fortress of Pinkitude

And I am wearing a confection of free Valentine’s Treasure Hunt crap that’s about to put me into insulin shock. Also: punky neko ears and tail, with a pack of ciggies tied on as my virtual outfit doesn’t have pockets.

The tunes by DJ Serenity have been TEH AWSUM, including Patty Smith, various rock songs referencing the Mad Hatter’s Tea Party, and a duet with Bing Crosby and Frank Sinatra about what a swell party this is. Every song is new to me, or well-chosen if famiiar, and so it’s fun to play with dance animations, chatter snarkily with my fellow group members.

And drat: there’s a cherry blossom viewing event happening now with some virtual geisha, and I was hoping to go to that, but will stay here. And only earlier this afternoon, I was thinking that Second Life wasn’t any fun for me anymore, since I’m not interested in building stuff and only really like to chat and listen to music and hunt for free clothes. But the music here is so good: who knew there was a mashup of Heath Ledger’s Joker with Duran Duran?

Now and then, there are these moments of transendance inworld, and this is one of them. Time to just trance out and go with this most excellent groove.

Meanwhile, visible over my shoulder are some adorable tinies: our hostess as a Super Pink Bunneh, and her partner, who is a ferret in a cowboy hat. On the other side, the colorful stack of hula hoops is another acquaintance, but other couples out of sight are in more conventional garden party attire. After an invite like this, how could I resist?

Come follow the Super Pink Bunneh down the rabbit hole and land on the lawn of the Fortress of Pinkitude for a relaxing afternoon chatting and dancing to DJ Serenity’s musix. Contest for most surreal or prettiest outfit(s). LM attached. Starting NOW!

I think I’m going for something midway between surreal and prettiest.

Torben Asp’s Music Page

Torben manages a club called Ethereal, and today he filled in for a performer who couldn’t get online. His music is very good, very listenable, even danceable electronica.

I have tried several pieces of software Ejay, Magix, Acid Pro, Fruity Loops, Logic and now I am using Reason as my favorite program. Together with a keyboard this software has brought me a long way and should be better in the future…but I will let you be the judge of that.

I have been performing live concerts in Second Life since October 19th 2007 so come join me there.

I compose and arrange my own original music with a lot of inputs from the different genres in my compositions.
I want to create pictures and set you in a certain mood instead of being the next superstar and I like to call it Recreative Music.

Really nice stuff. Also, he’s filled the performance space with an amazing array of particles and lighting effects… makes for a very relaxing place to just “be” during a performance.

Via Torben Asp – Make People Happy! – Music Is The Key! – MUSIC

Asagao Memorial: "We love you. We miss you."

After an enjoyable evening as a tiny audience member at the geisha performance at Asagao Treasures, I “got big” so I could walk around more easily, shopped, and then discovered that there was a treasure hunt. For a change, it involved looking for “photos” that had been taken at various spots – very arty, pretty photos, so that it was a pleasure to walk around looking at the lovely garden area, which was called “Asagao Memorial Park.” The first few “finds” are in the more commercial entertainment area, but then you are gently led toward the serene parkland; a good eye for plants and landscaping helps, as the photos were taken where the boxes were planted.

I listened to music and searched the gardens, and then realized there were some rather good windchimes and decided to turn WinAmp off and just drift. That’s when I found my way to the temple, which is a memorial to people who’ve committed suicide.

Asagao Memorial Park

The candles flicker, the messages to loved ones float above the flames. Many languages, all saying the same thing. “We love you. We miss you.” So sad.

I found a blog post about the installation:

Asagao Memorial Park at Second Seeker – Unofficial Second Life Reviews

And that is what Asagao Memorial Park does: it gives some time and space to reflect on those we love who have “lost their lives to suicide,” as the plaque at the start of the park phrases it, as well as offering a place for healing and support for those of us affected by the suicide.

The park itself is lovely: as soon as you arrive, you hear birds singing, the sound of waves nearby, that complement the soothing and graceful views of flowers, trees, lighted pathways.

Story and Dance and Being Maneki Neko


Second Life | Community: Events

Asagao Treasures is proud to host the exquisite ladies of Little Yoshiwara Okiya as they perform their dances, stories and poetry to the sound of beautiful Japanese music. For a wonderful cultural experience, or just a truly fine entertainment, join us at 7pm SLT, every Monday, at the Asagao Treasures venue!

While listening to the tale of Hime-Hase and her evil stepmother, it became apparent that somewhere near by, people were playing with battle-enabled weapons.

[19:44] Devi Agrawal: But the old servant knew that the young Princess was quite innocent of all the things her step-mother had invented to him as reasons for her outrageous orders, and he determined to save her life.
[19:44] Lelani Carver relaxes a bit
[19:44] Free Radar HUD v1.1 by Crystal Gadgets
[19:44] Devi Agrawal: Unless he killed her, however, he could not return to his cruel task-mistress, so he decided to stay out in the wilderness.
[19:44] Mad Thunder Combat HUD (ADMIN) 2.8 shouts: Lorrie Paine has entered Tombstone!
[19:44] Devi Agrawal: With the help of some peasants he soon built a little cottage, and having sent secretly for his wife to come; these two good old people did all in their power to take care of the now unfortunate Princess.
[19:44] Eru Males: lol
[19:45] Bronze Peacemaker (Left Handed) 2.0: Lorrie Paine has drawn a weapon!
[19:45] Devi Agrawal: She all the time trusted in her father, knowing that as soon as he returned home and found her absent, he would search for her.
[19:45] Eru Males: My word Lorrie Paine what are you doing?
[19:45] Devi Agrawal: Prince Toyonari, after some weeks, came home, and was told by his wife that his daughter Hime had done something wrong and had run away for fear of being punished.

And so it went. The story ended happily, but not without some sad events. There was no music, but the dance animations were very pretty and nicely done. Tonight there seem to be several Japanese themed events at okiya (geisha houses) and so I’m tricked out in my good kimono.

It only fits my cat avatar, though, so I’m very small, and had to hop around trying to find a good place to stand, as “sitting” just looks dumb when you’re a tiny. Someone remarked that I was an ascended neko, and so I obliged by hovering for a while. I hope that I brought luck to the performance.

Teahouse of the Moon in June

You really, really had to be there, but the music and dancing were really great. And the horse was extremely funny. And the bunny-human maiko was about to play the koto, but the region was about to go down for maintanence. Dammit. It was a wonderful end to the evening.

Mitsubai Ochaya’s first performance evening. A horse, a cat, a geisha, and a bunny maiko walked in a teahouse…

Mics and Minds Open

Second Life | Community: Events

Anek Fuchs at Open Mic_001

Open Mic Night @ The Slow Rezz Cafe

Location: Athena Isle (203,179,23)

The Slow Rezz Cafe presents Open Mic Nights on Tuesdays starting this week! Try out those new songs and/or gain some exposure. Not performing? Show up and enjoy live music by the shore.

This is a brand new venue – a small and cozy coffee house – a comfy atmosphere with pillows on the floor, a fireplace and the soothing sound of waves in the background.

This Week’s Schedule:
7:00 pm – OPEN
7:30 pm – Anek Fuchs
8:00 pm – Ceedj Beaumont
8:30 pm – Quinton Whitman

That open spot at 7pm SLT was taken by a performer named Naga Flow, who was making only his second appearance ever playing music (sounded like originals, but I arrived late). So far, I’ve heard his short set, now followed by Anek Fuchs. Both great rock-singer type male voices, good guitar work. Some technical glitches, and the kinds of problems that better streaming equipment as they progress will correct.

But musically, really accomplished stuff, whether covers (with very original treatments, so far) or their own songs.

The venue is a pleasant, homey little coffeehouse on the waterside, and everyone is “sitting” on cushions and oriental carpets. When I arrived, someone was running a particle animation, and hundreds of little green 5-lobed leaves were drifting in the air, along with virtual smoke. Jokes about “not inhaling” were made by yours truly and others.

In Second Life, you don’t have to breathe unless you’re animated. Kind of bass-ackwards from First Life.

This seems like a great place to work out the kinks before going out on the SL live music circuit, which goes pretty much every night of the week, with some popular performers going from gig to gig every hour or 90 minutes, most of the afternoon and into the night. They survive on tips, mostly… and with SL currency being the pittance it is against the US Dollar, they’re probably not clearing gas money… but they don’t need gas to get from gig to gig, dig?

Earlier tonight I was at another really nice venue at a place called Cascadia Harmonics (SLurl, direct link to location in Second Life). It was part of a sim that’s like a state park out on an island. Very pretty area, very into putting on live music and spoken word/poetry events. I’ll definitely return there – I heard the last couple of songs of Ray Weyland’s set, a performer who’s been around long enough in RL that he doesn’t need to put on a big muscled male AV and sport dreadlocks; he played 12 string guitar, sang standards, and had the audacity to be bald. And slightly built. Very gracious performer, too – there were only about 6 people there, and he played as if it was a concert venue full of hundreds. I look forward to returning there again. And this place, too.

Second Life isn’t just shopping and sex and camping for $Lindens… it’s about music and art and dance and theater, too. And I’m interested in experiencing as much of it as possible.

Next up, a performer that is somehow lagged so badly that his voice sounds like Darth Vader on Prozac. Oh, dear, he’s singing and playing and… it’s Take it Easy by the Eagles…

This is excrutiating, poor man. Or, it could be a woman.

OH! Problem solved. All I had to do was turn the media stream on and off. It happens in the opposite way when I hear a speaker at the Virtual Anglican Cathedral – it must be a function of the various ways media connect to Second Life. Sometimes our vicar preaches like a very earnest Christian chipmunk.

Anyway, we’re now on the right track for this performer, Ceedj Beaumont. And we’re off for the next part of the evening’s entertainment. So far, he seems to be doing folk-rock standards; next song is Supertramp’s “Give a Little Bit.”

Now Playing: davecorbett Darwin at the Minor Fall Coffee Shop

Concert Schedule
davecorbett Darwin_001

Minor Fall Coffee Shop This is one of Dave’s favorite venues. A great place to meet

friends and make friends. Check out the whole sim. You’ll find

all sorts of hidden treasures. Orb Thursday has done an

amazing job in the creation of this SIM. Dave plays at Minor

Fall every Sunday at 11 am slt.

davecorbett seems like a really engaging performer – he’s only played one song but is already an engaging artist. He’s involved with a big Amnesty International fundraiser.

I’m over to the right, in the purple hair. This kind of concert photography doesn’t mess with the performer or disrupt the concert. I like that – it’s not possible in real life. Technorati Tags:

More Live Music Plz

I spend a lot of time on Second Life looking for and listening to live music… sometimes that’s all I’m really interested in doing. I’m listening to a performer now called Niko Donburi, who’s billed as “The Weird Al of Second Life.” Pretty good stuff, actually.

UPDATE: using a new gadget called “ScribeFire.” It’s pretty nifty and light for use on a computer where I don’t have a third-party editor for my various blogs.

UPDATE II: Live music radio from Second Life: SL Live Radio

Niko Donburi’s website here. And he has very good taste in design at his blog here

UPDATE III: this gadget is really, really awesome. I’ll continue playing with it and perhaps use it for other blogs.