Lelani Carver

I’m just this virtual girl, you know? And now I’m a virtual gent as well. 🙄

So not meant to be in the same place at the same time

This is me, and this is also me. I’ve got a male alt, Dhughan Froobert, who is a rather shy Victorian gent interested in steampunk technology, traditional Indian silversmithing, aetheric photography, and making elegant accessories for the gentlemen of Second Life.

Here, he’s feeling a bit diminished: I was logged in on my big desktop, and decided to log Dhughan in on a whim via an iPhone app. To my amazement, he materialized in the same region I was in (Caledon Oxbridge University) but when I tracked him down, he was reduced in size by at least half.

He’ll blog here under his own name, and in fact as an experiment, he’s on his own as a kind of cyber-Victorian remittance man. He has a weekly income, he’s got stuff for sale,  and he has to make his own way for a year – and if he’s not self-supporting at the end of that time — Pfft!

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