Lelani Carver makes virtual hats for Hoomins and Dinkies, scripted wall fountains with relaxing water sounds, and various odds and ends of steampunk/frontier items. Visit Lelani’s shop “Chameleonic Possessions” on the Second Life Marketplace and also check out the preview group on Flickr.

Dhughan Froobert makes walking sticks and canes with a simple Animation Overrider, but his sticks are compatibile with the excellent “Gentleman Jim AO” made by Kamilah Hauptmann and available on the Marketplace and inworld. He also makes simple lamps, low prim furniture, and Chinese-style decorative items. His newest products are available inworld at his shops in Tweddle and Steelhead City, as well as at his 1PrimvendorDFFurthest
Marketplace shop “Froobert’s Further West Trading Co.”

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