Are Digital Games Art? Are Immersive Virtual Worlds Art? The Guardian’s Jonathan Jones Thinks Not #ArtOrNotArt #SecondLife

The Museum of Modern Art will exhibit images from digital games and virtual worlds, but The Guardian’s Jonathan Jones thinks such images are not art. I’m no artist, but I think there’ s some pretty artistic stuff going on in Second Life, though Jonathan Jones will pooh-pooh the idea. The Guardian article posted a companion gallery of images from or for the exhibition, but didn’t bother to include any images from Second Life as examples of digital-game or immersive-world art. They did include shots from Sim City, EVE-Online, Myst, The Sims, and Portal along with other game screenshots.

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Tiltviewer: Awesome 3D Display Of Your #Flickr Stream Except It Requires Flash #iPadSad

Thanks to a pointer from @LindaKellie, I explored the downloads, scripts and recommended tools for Second Life at Ferd Frederix’ incredible site Phaze Desmesne. This Flickr viewer thing is so very shiny. I had already spent days looking at the … Continue reading