Phoenix Firestorm – Flickr Uploader Fixed At Last!

I’ve been watching this issue on Firestorm’s JIRA for a month or two, and it appears that the Flickr uploader has finally been fixed.

UPDATE: Ooops, the release was withdrawn, something about a bug. It’s not affecting me, but I’ll have to download the fix once THAT is released.

New in
– Skin improvements to Starlight, Vintage, Metaharper, FS High Contrast and Ansastorm.
– New windlight sky settings, including Ambient Dark, Grey and White and a new Tron Legacy series.
– Added pathfinding LSL functions from Linden Lab.
– Ability to disable group chat on a per-group basis!
– Snapshot uploads to Flickr (thanks to Katharine Berry and Exodus Viewer for that work).
– Temp uploads from snapshot floater.
– Cool new SLurl command line feature!
– New toolbar buttons for ground sit, sound explorer, asset blacklist.
– Our own less intrusive “Rebake terrain” button next to no build/no script/no push icons in menu/nav bar.
– Improved AO handling with other animating inworld objects.
– Ability to join our support group from Help menu.

via Phoenix Firestorm Blog: Firestorm Update

I… probably won’t take their advice about doing a clean install. It’s late tonight, I just want to verify that the uploader is working for me, so…


My Workshop

My Workshop (surprisingly organized, if I do say so.

And now, time for bed. The typist, who now works from home will have a rough commute tomorrow morning dodging the cat and procuring a bowl of Cheerios. She has yet to log in for work wearing her nightshirt and fuzzy slippers, but if I don’t let her get to bed, tomorrow could be a new low in workplace attire.

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