Second Life Newser: Interview With Gem Sunkiller

Long time reader of the #SecondLife newspaper the #SLNewser – you have to ignore the outdated look. #RelayForLifeInSecondLife is a huge fundraising event for the American Cancer Society, raising millions of real US dollars over the years. In the interview … Continue reading

Kipling Rock on the Clackamas River: Add Rock, Blend Well

I tried and failed numerous times to create and bake a simple sculptmap of a blob. It was just a practice blob, and I got it to work ONCE, which was encouraging. But every other time, the steps seemed to be different. Things weren’t on the menu that had been there before. My inner volcano erupted, and much screaming, bad language, and tears of frustration ensued (luckily no one else was home except the cat, who wisely chose to remain upstairs).

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