Missing Steelhead, But Forging New Social Connections

Farewell Steelhead St Helens

Yes, it’s gone. And yes, it was a lot of fun, and I’ll miss it for a long time. I was there for more than 4 years, after all. But now there’s the new place in St John, new people and events along with old friends, and Dhughan has taken a shop in the new sim and will be announcing the location soon.

And meanwhile the Ravenwood sim is carrying on with internet radio broadcasts, and so is Sheriff Fuzzball with his new parcel. So things do go on.
The Green Fairy In Ravenwood_001

This is something of a test post – if the Blog2Social plugin is enabled correctly, it should appear on my Google+ page, my nearly inactive Tumblr, and at least one image will go to my Flickr page.

Google+ is HARD to set up, it kept refusing the connection no matter how carefully I typed my login and password on the Blog2Social settings page. Finally I found a weird solution at this support page; I had to enable the connection from the Google side first to unlock a hidden Captcha, then it appeared to start an authorization dialogue that I had to confirm again. In that case, the “succeeded” message was in German instead of English as the other accounts had done. Weird.

If this works, I will say “MOO-AH-HA-HA” and chuckle about making my domination of this fully operational Second Life blog complete, or something.

Meanwhile, an irritation: the plugin is free for these features but paid for using it to post to my Facebook page, and it’ll conflict with Social, which is currently handling posts to Twitter and the Facebook page just fine. If it were free, I could dump Social, which keeps losing connection and requires updating every time the blog is upgraded.

“Wish me luck, I’m off to crash the server!”


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