Steelhead St Helens Picnic Grounds and Nature Preserve: SPRING! FLING?

In addition to the product update, I’ve also become aware that Spring has Sprung at last. Thanks to a truly generous promotional offer called “the Blue Bunny Hunt” 21strom, I was able to bring on the spring at the Steelhead … Continue reading

Edited: Blue “Chagall” Glass Wall Fountain $L75 at #SLMarketplace

Blue “Chagall” Glass Wall Fountain
with scripted sounds on/off and volume controls.

You can reduce the sounds to 1/4, 1/2, and 3/4 volume as well as mute by touching the glass. Turn on projector lighting by touching gold lamp (one side only, other side is normally lit). Turn it into a nice window by hollowing a wall to the right size and stretching the fountain to fit.

10% of the price of this product will be donated to support the Anglican Cathedral in Second Life on Epiphany Island.
$L75 via Second Life Marketplace – @LC@ Chagall Wall Fountain w/Projector Lighting

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