Great Big Band Music From @RadioRiel While Getting Stuff Done, New Items on the #SLMarketplace

Finally had a chance to stop whingeing and Get Things Done.

A tribute to the works of H. G. Wells - virtual lamps

The Crystal Egg Floor Lamp and Desk Lamp Set – direct from the extraordinary STEAM 7 hunt!

The tripod object can be used as a lamp – click to turn the lamp on and off. You may see something mysterious happening… look closely. Peer into it from different angles. What is that? The transparencies bug may bite, peer closely and from a distance until you can almost see…. click! What’s that?!? BRRRRRR-INNNNNNNG!

Enjoy. Just for fun, I made a desk/tiny size lamp, too. All in 15 glorious prims!

Each lamp includes “projection” lighting just for fun – to see this effect, you should have graphics set to “Ultra.”

via Second Life Marketplace – @LC@The Crystal Egg Floor Lamp and Desk Lamp Set

Whew! I had a little backlog to deal with – a few minor products that were in the pipeline that just needed product images (never my strong suit, my workflow needs some help). The last two months have been busy in Real Life(tm) what with Western Summer Adventures by Aeroplane, Horseless Carriage, and Dieselpunked Rail. Not only that, but the typist now works from home and has a fearful commute in the mornings dodging a small and very insistent cat in the hallway instead of innumerable cars on the tollway.

Also added to my Marketplace shop today:

Kahili Hawaiian Quilt

Second Life Sculpty Pet Bed

Traditional Victorian-era Hawaiian quilt design recalls the days of Hawaiian royalty – pets, petites, or tinies will sleep like little kings and queens.

“Kahekili” are the yellow or red feathered column-like staffs carried before Hawaiian royalty and people of noble birth. They have come to symbolize royal quality and are common in Hawaiian arts and crafts designs.

Ooops, typo. It’s “Kahekili.” I’ll fix it “in post.”

Round Pet Bed Ku’u Hae Aloha Hawaiian Quilt

Sculpted prims in Second Life: Round pet bed with Hawaiian quilt design

Traditional Victorian-era Hawaiian quilt design recalls the days of Hawaiian royalty – pets, petites, or tinies will sleep like little kings and queens.

And yet another pet bed – which will work for tinies and petites too, of course. But these are probably the last ones I’ll make. Maybe one more rustic one… the idea for them came from a really elaborate lucid dream the typist had, who was IN Second Life, sculpted boots and all.

Round Pet Bed: Dali Clockwork

Simple, sophisticated sculpted round pet bed – includes mattress pad and coverlet with clockwork styling in the Dali style for pampered pets.

Petites and TINIES, too, HOOO!

There are some unfinished hats, and I may think about doing some simple hat-friendly late Victorian/Edwardian hairs, too. Nothing that would make the cut at Hair Fair, and not as elaborate as my neighbor Naergilien Wunderlich’s very historical hairstyles. Just something that doesn’t end up having a bun poking out of the back of one of my hats, that’s all.

It was very nice today – I had time to work in the shop rearranging things and thinking about a redesign based on a few authentic general mercantile or “dry goods” stores I’ve actually visited. I also chatted with some new and old friends – and decided to prop the doors of the shop open as long as the weather remains decent in far northwestern Steelhead St Helens.

The Crystal Egg lamps are on display in the shop – floor lamp is at the back wall, and the desk lamp is on my little “cubbyhole desk” under the stairs. Feel free to play with the radio station. 😉 I had a great time listening to Radio Riel’s program tonight, Gabrielle Riel’s monthly live show “Songs from the Nightingale.” A lot of the time I’ve been busy in Real Life(tm) fooling around with computers and laptops and iPads and so on has been getting various Aetherweb radio tuner-things to play nicely, and the first thing I do is to load all the Radio Riel stream URL’s. It’s a big part of what keeps me sane during the typist’s workday – music is a necessity now while waiting for Things to Happen, workwise. So thanks, Radio Riel, you are wonderful. And necessary.

Shoot, it’s midnight. More stuffs to do tomorrow.

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