Weekly Tweets 2012-10-07

  • @neddings Hah! Well, somebody has to do it. #
  • @isfullofcrap Rest that wrist. Are you allowed elbow-bending? #
  • @isfullofcrap Very robotic! #
  • @isfullofcrap ROWR! #
  • Oh, hell. I signed up for Patterns because I am a hopeless dope. Now I'm stuck waiting for the activation. #
  • Sigh. Got key, need update graphics drivers on this old laptop. #
  • Hokay! Finally decided my laptop can't run Patterns. Installed on desktop. Here I go. #LindenLabs #
  • Who else besides me was playing #SLPatterns until frickin 3am? Just me, then? Thanks, @rodvik, need moar coffee. #
  • On the other hand, I'm now considering the tensile strength of cantilevered jasper and double-pyramid buttresses. #LLPatterns #
  • @elora_annette Really? Hmm! Well, I had lots of pink screen and couldn't see ANY graphics. But it looks great on the desktop. #
  • For virtual pets and petites on Second Life: Round Pet Bed Ku'u Hae Aloha Hawaiian Quilt https://t.co/Dh0s3TsD #
  • It's Always Summer Somewhere in Second Life: Summer Adventure Hat https://t.co/Cflryo1g #
  • For virtual pets and petites in Second Life: Round Dali Clockwork Pet Bed https://t.co/0x9Dvy3w #
  • There's an Easter Egg in there: #SecondLife Crystal Egg Floor Lamp and Desk Lamp Set https://t.co/zGC2qMAg #
  • HOOO! Got things done, new products listed on #SLMarketplace chatted with friends, listened to great music on @RadioRiel. #SecondLife #
  • @MickeyETC Thanks so much for the RT. It just made me laugh. Now we need to see Psy do the Hamster Dance and the circle is complete. #

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