ZOMG! Le Daffy French Robots In Steelhead St Helens Tonight!

I almost forgot, there’s another wild show by the secretive duo that may or may not be 2 daffy French robots. They’re playing in Steelhead St Helens tonight at 9pm SLT. Kind of late for me, but I’ll stay up as late as I can.

I wonder… maybe it’s time to bust out the Giant Racing Snail and slime the dance floor.

The stream will be carried by Krypton Radio, I think – I happened to tune in while working on something for the monkey, and heard Willow Leafstorm making an on-air announcement about the event. Tune your media player to URL http://station.kryptonradio.com:8000/stream to listen in.

Update: got distracted. Note to self: do NOT go Escargot at a dance party run by French robots. Great show, lot of people, one or two odd encounters but all in all a good crowd.

Last night there was another volcano party in St Helens for the weekly dance, here’s Miz Tensai, celebrating her Bewmsday.

Miz Tensai Dances

Miz Tensai Dances

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