Steelhead St Helens Picnic Grounds and Nature Preserve: SPRING! FLING?

In addition to the product update, I’ve also become aware that Spring has Sprung at last.


Thanks to a truly generous promotional offer called “the Blue Bunny Hunt” 21strom, I was able to bring on the spring at the Steelhead Nature Preserve. It’s been a long, hard winter for many, so it’s a pleasure to make this parkland available for all. Later on, there will be new green and autumnal trees as well.

The black-and-white Zen-looking poseballs are for tai chi. The poses are very high quality and smooth. There are chiming trees scattered around that give autumn and summer colors, but they weren’t very springlike, so thanks to Zuza Ritt’s generousity, we can now enjoy blossomtime in Steelhead St Helens. The chiming trees will remain for now, but be my guest if you’d like to hunt down the noisy things and silence them. I realize they’re not to everybody’s taste.

I was also able to update the picnic tables to something a bit nicer, with adustable poses and seating for 4 or 5 avatars. The picnic shelter has been sized down to something a bit less gargantuan in scale, as I have been reading and inwardly digesting various posts at regarding correct proportional building guidelines.

Next? Perhaps I should get some sort of trebuchet or catapult. That would be rather amusing.

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