UPDATE: Dhughan Finally Updates A Product At #SLMarketplace And Feels Rather Chuffed

Yes, yes, all very well; I have finally had some hours (HOURS I SAY) to myself to muddle through a product update. It’s only been 65% complete for ::mumble mumble:: weeks now.

But at last I am more than happy (and quite relieved) to release an improvement to one of my somewhat popular products:

“Without my walking stick, I’d go insane…
I can’t look my best, I feel undressed without my cane.”

IMPROVED – Textures have been thoroughly refreshed to add a more Victorian design aesthetic. Includes the previous version, which is plainer and not as detailed. The animations are the same.

via Second Life Marketplace – @DF@ Ivory-Headed Cane v3.0426 with Basic Gent’s AO.

The truth is, that I have been procrastinating lately (oh do stop laughing and falling about like a comedian). Miss Lelani was fretting for months about getting ready for the recently concluded STEAM IX hunt, and feeling like her simple little prim hats and suchlike just weren’t up to snuff in a virtual world gone all meshy. I had been feeling much the same way.

Well, there’s nothing for it but to pull oneself up by one’s braces and learn some new skills. My current walking sticks and canes are all dependent on another merchant’s product -for animations and such, it would be far better to make my own. And all of my products are prim-based, which are looking a bit doggy (the reason I decided to at least freshen up the textures).

/me looks sidelong at two books about Blender, a program whose mysteries continue to elude the typemonkey.

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