Time Warp Redux

Contains 2 hats, sized and rotated for large and small AVs! Check it out at the Marketplace Visit my store in Steelhead St Helens Change the textures on this versatile antique hat for year-round style. Add your own if you … Continue reading

UPDATE: Dhughan Finally Updates A Product At #SLMarketplace And Feels Rather Chuffed

Yes, yes, all very well; I have finally had some hours (HOURS I SAY) to myself to muddle through a product update. It’s only been 65% complete for ::mumble mumble:: weeks now. But at last I am more than happy … Continue reading

Dhughan Froobert, Shy AV, has some new products #SecondLifeMarketplace #Caspervend

Yes, I’ve been motivated lately – not only did I just list this at the Marketplace: A simple antique rug, well worn but carefully kept, enhances any decor. This one has paler, more subtle colors and more vertical lines and … Continue reading

Antique Bronze Rococco Room Divider – $L50

Just listed at the Marketplace: Simple antique room divider or boudoir screen. Semi-transparent, so best if placed in front of a solid textured wall. Works with many different styles of decor and eras. It’s copy/mod/no transfer, so you can take … Continue reading

Gently Used Persian Rug — $L25 #SLMarketplace

Shows very little wear!
Looks very well on rough or polished floors.
Easy to clean.
Adds genteel style to your Victorian, Steampunk, or Edwardian roleplay

$L25 via Second Life Marketplace – @LC@ Gently Used Persian Rug (c/m/nt)

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Edited: Blue “Chagall” Glass Wall Fountain $L75 at #SLMarketplace

Blue “Chagall” Glass Wall Fountain
with scripted sounds on/off and volume controls.

You can reduce the sounds to 1/4, 1/2, and 3/4 volume as well as mute by touching the glass. Turn on projector lighting by touching gold lamp (one side only, other side is normally lit). Turn it into a nice window by hollowing a wall to the right size and stretching the fountain to fit.

10% of the price of this product will be donated to support the Anglican Cathedral in Second Life on Epiphany Island.
$L75 via Second Life Marketplace – @LC@ Chagall Wall Fountain w/Projector Lighting

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