Channel Packing Tool #specularworkflow for #SecondLife or #gameassets

While doing homework for the coming #glTF workflow in #SecondLife I struggled with #channelpacking textures for manipulating how light reflects off of materials in a game engine. It’s easy in Photoshop, harder in GIMP. There used to be a plug-in … Continue reading

Learning #Blender with #BlenderGoon – V1.5 Building in Object Mode, uploading to #SecondLife

Now we’re getting somewhere. I’ve recently created objects with the standard “primitives” in Blender, so for me this is still review. It was still a struggle but eventually I produced the required lesson objects and got them uploaded into the … Continue reading

Looks like someone’s a follower of #SecondLife #fashion #blogs

Nearly 100 trailblazing saris, including the first ever to be worn at the Met Gala, will be displayed in the UK as part of a new large-scale exhibition examining the garment’s modern reinvention. — Read on … Continue reading