How To Sign Up for #SecondLife

This is Goonther Blackcinder’s walkthrough for how to sign up for a free Second Life account. Personally, I recommend that you set up your account to go through the “community gateway” that most aligns with your area of interest – Firestorm Viewer’s is good, and my favorite is Caledon Oxbridge University (a Steampunk/Victorian mini-nation within Second Life. There are other community gateways listed here.

Goon gives instructions for how to contact him, how to find the Blender School classrooms, how to access the Aditi “beta grid” to upload mesh models, and even a bit about how to earn Lindens (the inworld currency) rather than buying them. He also recommends downloading and installing the Firestorm viewer, which is much better for creating, building, and uploading mesh from than the standard SL viewer.

CaledonOxbridge University Gateway to Second Life - learn how to move, buy, find free things
Interesting – that “Gentleman Jim (boxed) is a free Animation Overrider – my business associate Dhughan Froobert used to make prim-built walking sticks that were compatible with that AO. He’d better get “on the stick” and start making mesh ones!

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