Learning #Blender with #BlenderGoon – V1.5 Building in Object Mode, uploading to #SecondLife

Now we’re getting somewhere. I’ve recently created objects with the standard “primitives” in Blender, so for me this is still review. It was still a struggle but eventually I produced the required lesson objects and got them uploaded into the “test grid.” GREAT SUCCESS.

After taking a long break for some RL errands yesterday, I was able to produce the two objects from the lesson… and during Goon’s discussion of uploading to SL, he mentioned he was skipping some “checklist” steps. And yep, one of those steps was to check for flipped normals. The soda cup and straw is fine, the fancy French Door fridge, not so much. The normals are flipped on the hinges and “handles” – or maybe I forgot to uncheck an Alpha setting when going through the materials process.

#ALTTEXT 3D Objects uploaded into Second Life – a soda cup with straw and a refrigerator.

3D Objects uploaded into Second Life - a soda cup with straw and a refrigerator.

Yes, it was flipped normals, fixed it with Shift+N. I always keep my PDF copy of Blender Secrets open as it’s searchable.

#ALTTEXT – overlay view of 3D objects shows the parts of my “fridge” that have flipped “normals” and are facing the wrong way out.

Blender Overlay showing flipped normals - correct with shift+N
This is easily fixed by selecting the object in Edit Mode and pressing Ctrl+N, so now my fridge looks less stupid. This whole lesson was on creating completely in Object Mode, and eventually I got handles put on, materials assigned, and so on. It seemed the thing to do to use my own fridge as an example – I didn’t bother to tackle the ice/water dispenser!

#ALTTEXT – Refrigerator object now displays “right side out”

3D Fridge object now faces the right way out

(I’m adding extra alt text to avoid having to go into Mastodon later and update my autoposts).

Thanks to Goon, learned a few things today (that I’ll probably forget unless I make a lotta stuffs soon). It’s late so I don’t think I’ll complete the next lesson in the series until tomorrow.

Goon (Goonther Blackcinder) is a #SecondLife resident who teaches at #BlenderSchool inworld at (SLURL) GoodVibes

There’s an active Discord group – there’s an invite link in the school landing area. You can support his work on Patreon at this link.

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