Second Life: The First Hour Should Be Shared With A Friend Or They’re Never Coming Back

A few years ago I started a new user avatar for a published author for an appearance at Lackamas Hall Reading Room in Pini – sponsored by Jackson Street Books. During the process at that time, I passed a number … Continue reading

Chinese New Year in #Steelhead: Be There Or Be Eaten By Gojira

Ooh! Fun events to entertain and distract the discerning Steampunk resident: R.S.V.P. to Mr TotalLunar Eclipse; be there or he’ll eat you and stomp on your house, in that order. That may seem unnecessarily harsh, to destroy your home after … Continue reading

#SL Blender dropping COLLADA support – DON’T PANIC, Keep Calm And Carry On

As forum poster Chosen Few helpfully noted: After the initial posting, cooler heads prevailed, including Gaia Clary, who’s the Blender/JASS/Primstar maven at Machinimatrix. And then Domino Marama weighed in – the creator of the scripts that so many Second Life … Continue reading