It May Begin With A Plywood Box, But May End With “NOOOOOOOO!”

Thanks to Mar’s SL For Nowt post, I was motivated to sort a lot of textures scattered through many folders – some were class downloads, some were unnecessary product ads from hunt gifts and purchases, a lot were unsorted textures from packs, some were retrieved from my indespensable ETO texture organizer and never sorted into project folders or storage.

All well and good, except that at the end of the night, I accidentally retextured the organizer itself with a standard texture grid – ALL the buttons, forward/back buttons, categories, the lot.


I was up until 2am fixing it.

But with a little GIMPing and texture offset (don’t ask) I managed to make an acceptable repair. Sorry, Eridanis Boccara, I had to hack your excellent ETO to bits, but I wasn’t sure I’d be able to update/categorize my most recent backup with exactly the same textures I’d already boxed up and deleted from inventory. Because, I’d already, um, boxed the boxes in deep storage, and they’re not sorted by most recent anymore.

Why are you still reading this crap? More importantly, why are you still reading this, Crap?

Anyway, if I get around to re-rezzing the boxes and re-sorting into the backup, there’s an easy unpacker addon script Eridanis sells for the free ETO v747. Check the shop at Little Blue sandbox. There’s also a sculpt addon (which is where I got screwed up, messing with the texture ETO applies to sculpt maps for display).

In the meantime, Mar’s tip for filtering by type is a great way to sort in manageable chunks.

I also sorted a TON of items that were in a “Steampunk Home” folder that was a catch all for hunt items.

Hi, peeps! I hope 2012 is treating you well, both IRL and in SL, and I want to ask you a question:
Are you sorting?
“Huh?” I hear you mutter. “Sorting what?”
Why, your inventory, of course! Didn’t you make that New Year’s Resolution to finally get a decent filing system going and to ditch all those newbie things you grabbed in your first days in-world? And what about that promise you made to yourself to keep on top of trashing all the extra stuff that comes with each retail therapy/lucky chair-hopping/freebie-nobbling spree?

Link: Mar’s quick guide to: The Importance of Sorting : SL for Nowt

Be sure to read the excellent inventory sorting advice Mar gives, she’s spot on.

I sorted a lot of old STEAM 4 hunt gifts folders (I’m that far behind, but making good progress). I’ve already implemented a system of sorting folders with special characters, which makes it easier to find things for building, photographing, or wearing. And I’m getting into the habit of sorting textures into project folders, storing them in ETO and deep backup when done.

Screenshots after the jump, the method is based on various “inventory control” classes.

Here are some screenshots of some of my more organized folders:




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