Weekly Tweets 2012-01-29

  • @TLEclipse They're just jealous of your superpowers. #
  • @MoodyLoner Hang by your thumbs, and… #bobandray #
  • @cliffschecter O chalks up another abject apology. Bad guys of the world, prepare to be mollified with extreme deference. #Obama #
  • @MoodyLoner While you're at it, convince my sister to stop using my Facebook wall as private email (under her g-kid's login). #
  • RT @BradReason Boots Cats! Beefy Boot Cat Bees! http://t.co/1KrcqPws #
  • RT @m_ethaniel L$250 – Clover's Kitchen Football Chip Bowl: Are you ready for some FOOTBALL? Clover's Kitchen is… http://t.co/MfWm05yG #
  • @MickeyETC Probably a glitch, seeing chatter on it by somebody else. #
  • Hey, followers! Here's a contest: who's the least convincing spambot? #
  • Oh, yeah. "Flesh" tone. A color not found in nature. #ThingsWhitePeopleInvented #
  • Oh, why don't Adelson and Ailes just pick a card or flip a million dollar coin? #thebuyingofthepresidency #
  • Beware PMs from hacked accounts… #

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