The Old New Frontier And The Not So Old New Frontier: Blue Mars Bought By Ball State

Here’s the SLuniverse thread on the recent acquisition of Blue Mars by Ball State University. One post referenced the Blue Mars blog; the original press release had been pulled pending contracts.

Many of you have been asking about last week’s announcement by Ball State University. Specifically, many of you have noted that the press release was pulled earlier this week.

The press release was removed due to some contracts that have yet to be finalized and signed. Once that happens, we will release more information about the deal.

This is pure speculation on my part, but I wonder if one of those contracts might be with a major land baron? The sponsor of this thread is “Steampunk Victorian Caledonia,” but no official word yet from The Guvnah. The last time he posted regarding Blue Mars was when they pulled back from doing further development.

The reason I wonder? Second Life, the old new frontier, seems to be getting less and less attention from Linden Labs. I wonder if Blue Mars, the not-as-old New Frontier, will revive with the infusion of BSU cash or not.

Second Life had better look to its pricing, or other grids will see a new diaspora of microeconomic virtual émigrés.

Link: Blue Mars Blog: Quick update regarding last weeks announcement by Ball State University

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