Antique Bronze Rococco Room Divider – $L50

Just listed at the Marketplace:


Simple antique room divider or boudoir screen. Semi-transparent, so best if placed in front of a solid textured wall. Works with many different styles of decor and eras.

It’s copy/mod/no transfer, so you can take the transparency to 0 and switch it from “phantom” to solid. Keep a backup copy if you edit, though.

This is pretty primmy – my next screens are going to exciting, animated MESH, as I cracked loose for a really nice builder’s kit. It’ll be fun texturing it, and I’m going to try to make a short video clip to demonstrate the folding action on the next one, too.

via Second Life Marketplace – @LC@ Bronze Hinged Rococco Screen Sheer c/m/nt

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