Preview: Animated Mesh Folding Screen (ERMAGERD! SCRERPTED MERSH)

This is so cool – I read about a new product at SLUniverse – a builder’s kit for making folding mesh screens that can be scripted to open and close. All you have to do is add your own textures, and WA-LA:


This image is based on a photo I took years ago at a geisha (actually an oiran) event. The dancers had a fog effect going and so I took lots of pictures. Now, years later on the better machine, I’ve used some GIMP tricks to make the image look like an artistic landscape sketch, with some gold splashes around the edges like an old Japanese screen. I spent an enjoyable hour or two playing around with listing a screen I built (23 prims) and texturing, linking, and script-dropping this one (LI 2 – the equivalent of 2 prims). Thank goodness for temp texture uploads, I was trying various versions of this image until I hit on the gold leaf/landscape sketch combo. I felt very arty when I was done, most uncharacteristic of me.

Here, the screen is open. Just touch it…


And it folds up! Such a fun thing to play with, and so easy to texture. You can add any texture you like, and it displays on the main face(s) in landscape mode. The wood frame and hinges are separate faces, too.

I was going to try to make a short video demonstrating this, but I screwed up on the XFire download that St. Torley recommended, it’s not working. Bah, maybe tomorrow. But I should be able to get it listed then, with other texture variations to come. It would be nice to put a FEW alternate textures in, if that works with mesh. Then it would be artistic, historic, AND Chameleonic.

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