Watching The Thursday Night Show In #SecondLife Sort Of – @GentlemanRhymer set up next

So here I am inworld, trying to listen to a live webcast of Britain’s “The Thursday Night Show” which this week includes a live webcast from a club in Brighton, UK… and Mr B the Gentleman Rhymer is going to play at about 9pm-ish GMT (UK time).


Unfortunately the inworld browser doesn’t care for the (very fun) Flash plugins for chat and images, so I have it up on Media on a Prim, sort of, but have to listen and watch on a “normal” browser.

Still, this Thursday Night Show thing is a lot of fun, very international, and normally it’s DJ’s from all over with very eclectic music. People log in and chat from all over the world. Meanwhile, they display art too – tonight’s artist is Rachel Polsom, with some nice character sketches. Also a few photos of Mr B himself just to tease. I was hoping for actual video, but it’s just going to be the live stream, and occasional photos and images.

In fact this popped up: I think it’s from within the venue, of the previous band, Dream Themes – who were a lot of fun with their TV theme quiz show act, and a stand in drummer.


And now we’re all happily anticipating the amazing Mr. B, the Gentleman Rhymer. His banjolele is tuned up, his moustache is waxed, and our host, DJ Voice of Doom, is keeping the stream happy with a pretty eclectic mix of tunes while he sets up. I never knew that someone did a dance remix of “Let My People Go,” with Louis Armstrong, but it sounds pretty good. Same for cuts from Louis Prima and Scott Joplin – old jazz layered over club beats sounds… great, actually.

Meanwhile, I’m dancing with my steam-powered jetpack – because I can, you know.

1-Dancing Jetpack

And at last, the headliner plays – great live set with audience participation. The live chat is just as fun, full of people from all over the world. There’s little red dots all over Europe, North and South America, and Down Under.


Me, I’ll just keep dancing.

1-Dancing Jetpack Mountain

Link: The Thursday Night Show


Watching The Thursday Night Show In #SecondLife Sort Of – @GentlemanRhymer set up next — 3 Comments

  1. Fantastic having you on the show this week Lelani. Mr B. draws a great crowd and everyone seemed to enjoy the whole evening. Thanks for dropping in, you’ll always be welcome back. Thanks for the great write-up, and kudos for doing it so quickly, give me a couple of days – I’ll get you a mention. 🙂

  2. LOL! Thank you. I just realized that on that last screenshot it looks like Mr B’s arty portrait by Rachael is getting an up skirt view, since I’m “hovering.” Good thing I’m a proper Victorian-era Steampunk. So all that can be seen is an ankle.

    Second Life can always be counted on to provide unintended comedy due to clothing malfunctions, scripted objects going haywire, or vehicles acting like slingshots. This is no exception. XD

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