Today Is My Rezzday So What Is It To Me?

Burning Inventory

It’s my rezzday today, I’m clearing out stuff. Old stuff. Steelhead St Helens is going away, the Steelhead sims are going away, but somehow they’re still up. I don’t know how long they’ll be here. I’ve “lived” here for 5 years.

Visit this location at Settlement 601 – St Helens Dry Goods Frontier Supplies in Second Life

This isn’t optimal… Flickr removed the ability to blog directly, although it may be possible to send via email. Also I can embed manually, but I used to be able to just “share to WordPress blog” easily, using a template that was all set up with the CSS formats that I like best. Now I’ve decided to set up a Tumblr, just to have a way to easily share my best Flickr photos somewhere, to an audience interested in Second Life. Meh. Here I am now.

Why am I still in Second Life? I just like messing about with prims, chatting with friends, and listening to music. It relaxes me, and I get a kick out of silly, creative, or impossible things.

Meanwhile, all the Steelhead sims except Nevermoor (since renamed to Ravenwood and transferred to Willow Leafstorm) are going away. The owner and inspired builder of the Steelhead sims, TotalLunar Eclipse, had some RL and account issues, and LL did not resolve it in a way that allowed Lunar to catch up on tier in time.

So now we’re all exiles, finding new homes, yet the sims are still “up” when we thought they would disappear October 1. It appears that they may remain up for a few days yet, possibly to whatever the “tier” date was, or until November 1. In any case, I’ve been cleaning out inventory and re-connecting.

And then, there’s always new friends, new venues to explore. Eat or be eaten, I say.
The TRex Ate Me_004

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