Second Life Newser: Interview With Gem Sunkiller

Long time reader of the #SecondLife newspaper the #SLNewser – you have to ignore the outdated look. #RelayForLifeInSecondLife is a huge fundraising event for the American Cancer Society, raising millions of real US dollars over the years. In the interview with Gwen Sunkiller, reporter Bixyl Shuftan mentions “Fuzz and The Hair” and #Steelhead

Second Life avatar wearing a ludicrously large wig held up by propellers and dirigibles.

Fuzzball Ortega in “The Hair” in Steelhead in autumn 2011. The Hair is by Curio Obscura.

Image from my Flickr album “Steelhead

I hope Fuzz has time for running the Steelhead Salmons RFL team this year, maybe I can help.

Second Life Newser: Interview With Gem Sunkiller
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