Need To Start Creating In #SecondLife Again

The last time I made anything new or created something myself in #SecondLife was February 2019 for an inworld hunt I had participated in for years.

Then I got sucked into the inworld farming game (DFS) and spent all my time feeding, tending, planting, cooking, and photographing products for selling in the DFS markets.

I could go on about the mini-economy that Digital Farming Systems has become, but my personal experience is that it’s just taking up too much time and prim usage, and marketing the stuff is stressful and profitless for me.

I’m literally distilling my unwanted inventory down into a valuable object that can be auctioned; I’m going to grow and tend minimal stuff that won’t be marketed or photographed, and store what I don’t use.

More later. But I’m taking Blender classes and thinking about Making Things again.

From my feed: “Two Steampunk mesh hats for the STEAM XIV Hunt”

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