Second Life Christmas Expo – Music Today (all proceeds benefit Relay for Life)

I got a group message from one of my Steelhead compatriots, Fuzzball Ortega, that he had a DJ gig going on T1 Radio at the Second Life Christmas Expo until 11am SLT.

I had some time in the middle of the day, so off I went to check it out before having to get back to work:

TUESDAY – 12/11 – All Today’s Music Sponsored by T1 Radio!
9 – 11am: DJ Fuzzball Ortega of T1 Radio
11- 1 pm: DJ Mark Attenborough – the Voice of Second Life
1 – 4pm: DJ Vic Mornington of T1 Radio
5 – 7pm: T1Radio.. Rockin the 80s w/ Dee Wolfe

Via the Entertainment | SL’s Christmas Expo

It looks like another Steelheader, Victor1st Mornington, has a set later today, so I’ll listen via the T1 stream. There’s donation kiosks by the dance area, and also a vendor for the 40-track RFLSL Christmas CD.

I couldn’t do more than dance a little and drop some Lindens in the donation kiosk; I was in a tiny AV with a slightly balky Tiny AO that tends to stop and start every time I move the camera. I wonder… maybe it could go in the onboard AO set in Firestorm, but I don’t know if it’s possible. Besides which, my tiny dances are no-copy, so I don’t want to mess with them now that I’ve got the HUD set up. It’s just my old Wynx Siamese Kitty prim AV, which I have a lot of affection for (although I don’t wear it often enough).

As so often happens, a new person dropped in (the event may be listed in the Destination Guide, it’s hard to say) and of course it was the classic “just born today” interaction. He had no idea how to move, how to turn on the music stream so he could hear what we were listening to, no idea how to use the standard dance animations in his library inventory, and said “What is the point of this game?” and quit. He mentioned that he’d seen something on YouTube that made him want to try SL out.

We tried to interact with him – greeted him, asked him if he could hear the music, talk about the Relay for Life charity, but he couldn’t figure out how to do that, either. It’s all on account of the very poor job SL is doing of “orientation.” Also – it’s kind of hard to tell a new person how to find stuff in the official SL viewer when so many of us “oldbie” Residents use a third party viewer. So maybe that’s on us, too.

I’ll keep my stream on T1 for now while I work. It makes the time pass pleasantly.

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