GACHA: *DAWN* Beehive 000, Beehive 002, Honey Shed

Do people blog their gacha listings on the Marketplace? I have no idea!

I set up my beekeeping enterprise out behind the shop in Steelhead Bay.

I went to the Gacha Garden event with a specific goal – find a set of things that looked like they belonged in the dry goods store, not just for sale, but as part of the roleplay or ambiance, kind of like the funky “second-hand” shops my friend Kitty Vinje and others are doing over in SLURL: Bayou Chat Noir.

I went out a novice gacha player, I came back a beekeeper, with pretty much the full set of “Honey Farm” by *DAWN*. It looks pretty cute – I added an old saucer to catch the messy “honey dipper” stuff.

The extras are different versions of beehives, and I somehow ended up with extra copies of the shed. This was from the February Gacha Garden event, with the “Seeds of Inspiration” extra gift for 20 pulls. In this case, the SOI gift is a funky little framed plaque. I haven’t unboxed it yet, as I don’t know if I’ll keep it.

I read up on a few listings and how-tos on putting gacha items on the Marketplace; it seems easier than going the Caspervend route since I can resuse the template I’ve made. Gacha items will look different than my own products on the Marketplace and will be clearly listed as “second-hand.”

Limited quantities available on the Marketplace:

Gacha Beehive 000*DAWN* Beehive 000 (boxed) Honey Farm

GachaBeehive002-1*DAWN* Beehive 002 (boxed)

GachaHoneyShedRARE *DAWN* Honey Shed

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