All Dressed Up And No Event: Revisiting Qoheleh

This event looked interesting so I dressed up in an older kimono and dropped by. But no one was there at the appointed time and date, though dinner was all laid out.

Western Geisha Dinner and Chat

Our long-standing chat meeting to discuss anything – RL, SL, OOC or IC – whilst enjoying delicious Japanese food and drink around low tables. Kimonos often shown off but not required!

All dressed up and nobody to talk to!

This is an older Fall’n kimono called Elegant – it comes with a lot of extras, such as 2 versions of the skirts and a fur wrap that can be “removed” by clicking (it becomes invisible. As it’s almost spring it was suitable, and it’s still chilly out!

I was sorry to miss this event – I may have mistaken the time, or some RL commitment may have intervened. But in the meantime I discovered the nearby Companion House, so I took time out to do some tai chi.

This build is inspired by “Firefly,” which resonated with me as I spent some time in a Firefly-inspired sim in my very earliest days in Second Life. There are a number of other beautiful Companion Houses to visit, too!

It was very beautiful in Qoheleth; 10 years ago, I used to spend a lot of time there and in nearby Xenia and Epiphany Island. The very first hunt I ever did was in Xenia, something to do with finding lost penguins. Xenia was residential, but tasteful. Qoheleth was spiritual and hosted a lot of support groups and a virtual church (part of the U.C.C., and it’s still there). Earlier today I popped back in and looked around Epiphany Cathedral, too. It’s all mesh now but is much the same. It was familiar but changed in a good way.

Second Life can be so ephemeral – builds, people and entire sims come and go all the time. So it was nice to find a favorite old haunt that has improved with age.

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