Tiltviewer: Awesome 3D Display Of Your #Flickr Stream Except It Requires Flash #iPadSad

Thanks to a pointer from @LindaKellie, I explored the downloads, scripts and recommended tools for Second Life at Ferd Frederix’ incredible site Phaze Desmesne.

This Flickr viewer thing is so very shiny. I had already spent days looking at the scripts, then realized thanks to a link from Linda Kellie’s free sculpts page that there were awesome sculpts and links to free tools at Ferd’s site.

I can’t wait to play with this later, but I’m on an iPhone and this requires Flash.

Thanks, Ferd! It’s people like you and Linda Kellie who keep inspiring content creators (just look at the flappy dragons).

Now you can show off your Flickr stream in a cool 3-D view. No coding needed, and it works as a link in Facebook, WordPress, or even an iframe. No web site is needed, so you can email the link or post it to any blog, and you can use it on a shared media prim or in your profile in Second Life!

Link: Second Life Flickr stream

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