Moonset in the Lost Gardens of Apollo

Taken on my second or third night “inworld,” as I literally struggled to find my feet while being immersed in the baffling online world that is Second Life.

Those aren’t shoes I’m wearing, my feet have been reshaped in order to have the appearance of wearing shoes. It’s kind of like Chinese foot-wrapping, except you’re still able to “walk” once you’ve achieved the perfect size 0 feet. Most quality virtual footwear fits best if you set your foot size in the Appearance dialogue to zero, and then you attach one or more separate pieces to make a more realistic (or, less dumb looking) shoe.

The Lost Gardens of Apollo are a beautiful, dreamlike area that is a good place to relax, listen to beautiful New Age or “space” music, and interact with other people. Naughtiness is discouraged, although plenty of cushions are scattered about in conversation areas private enough for some serious virtual cuddling via “poseballs” that animate your inworld persona or “avatar.”

Here I am in my free flexi-dress, which looked cute on until I tried to fly in it. Butt naked to all, I descended gracefully, never realizing I needed to wear virtual underwear, otherwise known as “glitchpants.”

There’s so much to learn. And I’m trying to catch up on experiences as I go. More photos to follow.

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