Evening Prayer_001

This is how I spend some of my time on Second Life: in church.

Yes, I’m weird. And I’ll twitch my tail and flick my kitty ears in irritation if you think there’s anything wrong with that.

Hee! I’m a LOLcat! In church. Yep.

I often attend services at the Anglican Cathedral on Epiphany Island. Lately, we’ve gotten a lay adminstrator and we’ve got music going, plus a weekly Bible study. It’s church for people all over the globe, and from all kinds of Second Life communities.

When we say "come as you are to church," we really mean it; I often wear kitty ears and tail, others routinely wear wings, and non-human avatars aren’t unusual at all.

Might have trouble seating a dragon, but there’s plenty of room in the south transept. I should speak to the designer about a dragon-size entrance… and some pews and kneelers for tinies.


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  1. hey Lelani!

    The Anglican Cathedral in SL strives to be welcoming environment for all. I haven’t seen any tinies or dragons at the Cathedral, but maybe they would come if the facilities were more accommodating?? We are open to suggestions, so let’s talk!


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