Weekly Tweets 2011-01-30

  • ADHD in women often goes undiagnosed. Great KOSAbility post. http://is.gd/fF2F6h #
  • Dhughan finally updates one of his walking sticks, SL Marketplace still not updated. Le sigh. http://bit.ly/hXCXT2 #
  • @blakopal Has anyone highlighted your Desert Explorer outfit? I absolutely rely on it lately. #
  • Getting excited about being creative in #SecondLife again. Always 18 months behind the curve. #
  • RT @GinnyRED57 "This will be remembered as the year the Bachmann/Palin Crazy Train goes into overdrive, with Angle/O'Donnell Crazy Caboose." #
  • So when will the Unindicted Co-Conspirator-in-Chief and his Criminal Mastermind be arrested? #crickets http://is.gd/lzUDHO #
  • RT @kqthomson ONCE A SPY now in paperback, is a finalist for the Independent Mystery Booksellers Assoc. Dilys Award! http://fb.me/Ekr7x3h6 #
  • @kqthomson Come on back to #SecondLife to promote your next book TWICE A SPY soon, that was fun! #
  • @AndiWhiteberry We were retweeting you into Lacamas, where everybody gathered to listen/watch together. #cafewellstone #
  • Went on a fun virtual tour in #SecondLife yesterday from Caledon Oxbridge University. Posting lots of photos soon. #
  • @AndiWhiteberry Yep! I was flipping back and forth between SL viewer and Tweetdeck (desktop). Or could have used iPad or iPhone. #gadgets #
  • RT @StopBeck "Fox's new fuel efficient car rolls out. I hear it runs on leftover memos instructing reporters to lie about climate science" #
  • @revpaperboy Rev! no wonder the Republicans on the commission "dissented strongly." They'd be guthurt right now. #FCIC #
  • @revpaperboy Argh, I was referring to a USAsian FAIL, but yeah. #fail #
  • @redwoodr Hah! We'll never have to worry about Peak Memo! @StopBeck #
  • RT @StopBeck "Well, @MonsantoCo is now sponsoring Glenn Beck." That's a lot of products to shun. #
  • @AndiWhiteberry Oooh, that sexy bald Pharoah guy that was mean to Moses that one time. #

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