Weekly Tweets 2012-05-20

  • I just saw the infamous AnnMarie OToole driving one of her own vehicles (on a rail line). #SecondLife http://t.co/olij3SNf #SL #
  • Josh Romney Booed Off Stage By Ron Paul Supporters At Arizona GOP Convention http://t.co/bnMyTQSX #
  • @Darien_Mason So it is. Thank FSM for Futurama. #
  • @LindaKellie Well, I like you, and appreciate and ENVY your work ethic. Have enjoyed messing with your OARs on my home grid. #
  • It all goes BEWM again tonight in #SecondLife #SteelheadStHelens #
  • @rivenhomewood That picture is another in a slew of reasons I miss Seattle. #

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