SL9B: The After Party, And The Trolleyman Cometh

I took some time on the last weekend day of SL9B to go around on my own and experience a few more exhibits. Strangely, I didn’t take pictures, I just… played.

I especially liked the ‘History of Second Life’ exhibit, and spent some time there reading notecards and making “bonk” noises going through. Then I spent a lot of time taking pictures of various stages. Unfortunately, the “mesh” Lake stage photo didn’t get saved properly – forgot to refresh the image. ARGH!

Here’s a small gallery of photos… mostly of stages and friends’ builds.

I ran into my friend Mistletoe one night toward the end of the big party, and batted some ideas around; I have a second parcel (well, Dhughan does) in Steelhead St Helens and I can’t seem to get started on it. So I offered it to her as a sublet after looking at some other possible “new homes” in the Steelhead Nevermoor area. She decided in the end to go condo (heh) in another Lionheart parcel:

Lelani made me an extremely generous offer. In SL– as in RL really– I tend to be very friendly to many indeed anyone who doesn’t outright prove they’re too much of an asshole to deserve it, but I tend to be close with few. Lelani, I count among the few. She’s got a place in Steelhead as does Thaddeus, actually and offered to sublet some of it to me. I thought it over and finally decided against it for a ridiculous reason, but still a valid one: I want to set my own TV and radio changer. Because when I can do that, I really feel like my territory is my own.So I ended up getting a small residential parcel back in Lionheart. I’m taking a different approach this time; instead of rezzing the farmhouse that I used to have before, I’m making multiple skyboxes. A play yard with a treehouse for Petal. A Japanese tea garden for guests. A big home theater where I put my big giant TV. A small wooded grove with a duck pond on the ground. It gives me something new to create, and thus, something to look forward to, instead of something to stress over.

via Packing up, moving on « Mistletoe Ethaniel's Blog

That’ll work well, though it would have been fun to be neighbors again. I do like the idea of having different living and playing spaces in the “overhead.” I’ve done something like that up to now; I’ve consolidated all my Mainland holdings in Pini now (finally dumped the last of my old Tintafel parcels) and I look forward to hanging out more at Cafe Wellstone, which is located below me at the bottom of the bluff.

I should have been inworld a lot more this week, but was still taking a break – kept up via reading blogs and forum posts, but that’s hardly an excuse! We did have some RL stuff to attend to (fun events, at last) and also I had some important (mumble, mumble, rhymes with ‘snapping’ ) to catch up on.

I did start building something, though, in my home grid. It’s a trolley car! I’m thinking of putting in a lunchbox diner on my new mainland plot, which is just across from the Pini station/sidetracks.

It’s just roughed into shape at the moment; I’ll have to relearn some things and also think about the proportions more.

My RL grandfather was a trolleyman in Colorado Springs; when that ended, he went with the latest technology of the day and started a business repainting and refurbishing cars for the well-to-do. But the heyday of the Colorado Springs trolley system is still remembered; it seems that they’re trying to re-create a system there, if they ever get through the wildfires of this summer.

It’s very basic at the moment, just a rough sketch. But it’s taking shape.

Rough draft of trolley with reference image


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  1. I should like to have you over sometime for TV-and-popcorn night, once I figure out why everybody else can see the TreetTV and all I see is a QuickTime loader screen.

    And, it was tacky of me not to talk to you before blogging about my decision. I’m very sorry about that.

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