Second Life Endowment for the Arts Goes To Crap (And Other Fine Builders Besides)

My SL acquaintance Mr. Crap Mariner is going all artistic-like, along with other builders and creators, in the latest LEA (Linden Endowment for the Arts) round.

I expect great Crap art, and lots of creative Crap as well. His builds for the last few SL Birthday celebrations have generally centered around the literary and spoken-word performance genres, but who knows what Crap we’ll see with an entire region to play with.

He certainly gives away loads of Crap to members of his announcement groups for readings and such, mostly fun scripted attachments or things you can display that are reminders of dates, times and all that Crap.

On Friday August 2nd, the Linden Endowment for the Arts announced the successful applicants for the 5th round of the LEA’s Artist-in-Residence AIR programme.They are: Marx Catteneo , Joey Aboma, Giovanna Cerise, Asterion Coen, Aloisio Congrejo, Gnupf Gufler, NaTaS Janus, Scotsgraymouser Janus, Karkassus Jigsaw, Gracie Kendal, Livio Korobase, Crap Mariner, Johnas Merlin, olgastr63, Takni Resident, Eupalinos Ugajin, Azwaldo Villota, Winter Wardhani, Kimika Ying and Newbab Zsigmond.

via LEA announce AIR 5 selection | Living in the Modem World.

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