Dear Linden Lab, Could I Have A Mobile Client for iPhone or iPad Please?

Recently, several bloggers have reported that Linden Lab is working on an official mobile client and they’ve sent emails to people (I assume the sorts of people who update their blogs more frequently than I do).

I would really, really, really, really love to try out a mobile client in beta, if only I were cool enough and less invizibul. But I would only want to try it on an iOS device. Currently I use the pretty solid Pocket Metaverse client, which is non-graphical but useful for sending IMs, group invites, and payments to other AVs. I can send inventory from it, too, but it’s kind of hard to navigate too deep in my inventory tree.

It was reported by several well known bloggers, such as the Hamster (sorry, I’m a Top Gear fan, it’s my mental nickname for Hamlet Au), Daniel Voyager (I got to meet him at SL9B), Inara Pey, and Ciaran Laval.

As I’m not prolific enough a blogger (let alone prominent enough), I’ll have to languish in my obscurity and wait for the Second Life mobile client beta to go public later (if it gets to that point).


If only I had some Google-juice, but I’m just not that interesting. ;P


Dear Linden Lab, Could I Have A Mobile Client for iPhone or iPad Please? — 5 Comments

  1. Of course, Daniel. I get a kick out of how timely your posts are, so it seems your comments are very quick, too.

    I don’t know if I’ll get a beta in invite, but I hope the mobile client is coming soon.

  2. Actually, I got a beta invite myself, and I’m hardly a blogger (heck, my store blog died when Posterous shut down, and I’ve not replaced it yet).

  3. Well, I’m hoping that my modest yet somewhat helpless flailing gets me on the beta list eventually, thanks Red for that. They may also be looking at frequency of login (or perhaps at logins from either current mobile TPV client).

    It’s been too long, must try to get together inworld.

  4. It’s definitely not logins from the TPV mobile clients – I tried that exactly ONCE, over a year ago. (And never again because the free client *eats* incoming inventory – I lost a Marketplace purchase and several critical notecards just for logging in.)

    I didn’t sign up for the beta, by the way – my iPhone is getting kind of old and I’m sure they’re going to require something more recent.

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