Tweekly Digest: 21-Feb – 27-Feb

  • Typomonkey eating stupid delicious lunch, but at least she's on a proper island. ->
  • Never fear, @EbbeNeedsTo, AMO'T vehicles are here! They'll run damsels over long before a train comes by! in reply to EbbeNeedsTo ->
  • MT @EbbeNeedsTo Revive the Second Life Railroad! Villains tying damsels to the tracks, wait days for a train to run them over! ->
  • @JC_Christian Ah, Blackadder. The false boobies, we hardly knew ye. in reply to JC_Christian ->
  • On the other hand, she's got tons of new whale friends. Thousands of tons. ->
  • Need to work on #STEAMIX stuff but typomonkey is on vacation. ->
  • @marimccann HAPPY REZ DAY! Many happy "hit return to log ins" ->
  • THIS. RT @EbbeNeedsTo Replace Welcome Island with Caledon Oxbridge! (Um… you know, this one might actually make sense.) ->

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