Firestorm Viewer QA with Lindens: The Future of Second Life

We will be hosting a very special Question and Answer meeting on Wednesday July 2nd at 7AM SLT in the Firestorm Auditorium with Oz Linden Technical Director of Second Life and possibly Pete Linden Director of communications at Second Life. Topic: The Future of Second Life.The discussion will ONLY be about the future of our current beloved platform ‘Second Life’ and will not venture into the new platform currently under development. Lets hear what LL has planned for Second Life as there is plenty of time for questions about the new platform at a later date.

via Firestorm Viewer – The Phoenix Firestorm Project Inc..

From the original source of the biggest story to hit the Second Life community since the last time everyone ran around screaming and panicking (probably the Homestead pricing debacle), a new Q&A. This time, only the future of the current platform will be under discussion. As you might expect, the comments are a mixed bag of good questions, “the tier is too damn high,” and “but can I bring my stuff with me?”

Jessica Lyons reiterates again and again that there is a future of the current Second Life platform. Yes, there is uncertainty, but we should not be panicking.
Location and time
Wednesday, July 2nd at 7AM SLT.

I’m also listening to the talk between Saffia Widdershins and Jessica Lyons from SL11B about the other future: the new Second Life, which is here, and the text transcription by Nalates is here.

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