St Helens Dry Goods – Hats – SLUniverse Forums

St Helens Dry Goods – Hats – SLUniverse Forums

Here’s a variety of hats with lots of different texture options. Some of these are available sized and rotated for Dinkies kitty avatars and classic Tinies, but should all be mod. The Chameleonic hats have texture switcher scripts for the hat bands and bodies, and most of them also have a resizer in the root prim. Just touch the band or body to get a texture menu.

The Royal Wedding/Ascot hat is a teaser – a whole new line will be coming out with single-texture versions, and also a texture change/fatpack.

Texture Change Top Hats – mostly unisex
Chameleonic Nouveau Velvet –…elvets/5303904
Chameleonic Nouveau Wools –…-Perms/5299859
Chameleonic Medicine Hat –…zer-v2/4515008
Chameleonic Time Warp for Humans and Dinkies –…inkies/5713047
Chameleonic Brocade Top Hat –

Royal Wedding Hats – Women’s
Royal Wedding or Ascot Hat – Mustard and Lavender…ustard/5998740

Drop by the shop in St Helens any time to see other items, like foldable mesh screens, wall fountains, and some lighting and other household items.

Mahalo (Thank You)!

Lelani Carver
Send me an IM anytime if you encounter perms issues or have a question.

via St Helens Dry Goods – Hats – SLUniverse Forums.

This is more of a memorandum for myself, I’ve placed an ad at for a banner that will reference the images in this omnibus.

And I’ve got a lot of “Victorian Wedding/Ascot Hats” queued up and nearly ready to list at the Marketplace, Caspervend, and promote at SLUniverse. I re-discovered them in my inventory, where they’d been sitting, 95% ready to sell, for months.

More later on why I’m suddenly motivated to build again after a long hiatus…

Anyway, ta da sekrit preview to all of my ones of readers!



Also to do:

  • Finish pinning the hats in the upcoming fatpack and singlepacks for a Victorian Wedding/Ascot hat, because the rotations and positions need to be tidied. I left off with the one I was wearing.
  • Finish boxing them all in one fatpack, then boxing individually
  • List at Marketplace, fatpack first: upload fatpack to marketplace, then singlepacks, then add all the related items at once with the “quick click” method.
  • Stick fatpack and singlepack boxes and marketing textures in the Caspervend box, try the “different color version” thing, get them visible at Primbay.

Fortunately, I had made all the marketing textures already, that’s a chore done.

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