Here I am, chillin’ at Stonehenge in sneakers and jeans, while a musician name Quinton performs, and his biggest fan dances beautifully in midair.

Note the be-buckeled and be-booted woman to my left, who looks like she came direct from the Bad Fashion Show. I was feeling bad about being a little casually dressed – after all, it’s a house of worship to the large community of SL Druids that I inferred from the size and condition of the henge. But then I decided it was a beach resort as well, and I could have been wearing a bathing suit and towel if I wanted.

The music was pretty good; Quinton was a West Virginian, still getting used to the technique of online performance, but his guitar work was amazing.

Johnny99Miso’s Webcast

Darn, I didn’t note the name of the club this was at. JohnnyMiso99 performed a one-man blues-rock show that was also simulcast to a website, so that people that weren’t residents of Second Life could watch the show. Music was good, I danced, and eventually I wandered off somewhere, but first I had to get a shot of yet another insanely detailed guitar.

The Bob Marley One Love T-shirt was also nicely done.

Meet Bobbo

My friend Bobbo… he’s a special case. He’s a RL friend who stubbornly refuses to get with the “anyone can look like a supermodel” ethic on Second Life. So he made himself a ludicrously fat shape and found some ridiculous US Flag pants and figured out how to apply clown makeup.

He’s a little disturbing to look at, my friend Bobbo. I hesitate to take him around to meet my friends. But we have a good time (usually talking on the phone at the same time) on his very occasional forays inworld.

Bobbo is a RL friend who most certainly did not get the memo about "everything is beautiful in Second Life."


This is a somewhat older photo – it’s on the dancefloor at Etopia, and I was whirling around on an animation poseball that wrapped my “Elven dance outfit” up in knots around me. The outfit is actually a combo of this goofy lingerie set called “in the mood” and… a lacy black outfit complete with headscarf “suitable for mosque.” The textures are huge and bumpy, and I haven’t worn it in a long time, but it IS fun to dance in. Especially with a beribboned tambourine. ::eyeroll at my own folly::

Bald and Beautiful_001

Sometimes, things go awry in Second Life, and stuff that’s normally attached to you.. .like hair… just refuses to come along to the party when you manage to log in.

Earlier tonight, I ended up on the roof of a music-and-art club of some kind, completely hairless and unable to attach anything on my head. So I stepped into a nearby kinetic sculpture to just deal with the moment in the only way possible.

Fortunately, no one else was there.

Evening Prayer_001

This is how I spend some of my time on Second Life: in church.

Yes, I’m weird. And I’ll twitch my tail and flick my kitty ears in irritation if you think there’s anything wrong with that.

Hee! I’m a LOLcat! In church. Yep.

I often attend services at the Anglican Cathedral on Epiphany Island. Lately, we’ve gotten a lay adminstrator and we’ve got music going, plus a weekly Bible study. It’s church for people all over the globe, and from all kinds of Second Life communities.

When we say "come as you are to church," we really mean it; I often wear kitty ears and tail, others routinely wear wings, and non-human avatars aren’t unusual at all.

Might have trouble seating a dragon, but there’s plenty of room in the south transept. I should speak to the designer about a dragon-size entrance… and some pews and kneelers for tinies.

Jacqrat Pizzicato’s Big Hair_001

This is a little more recent… I’m always going to “this-n-that night” at various dance clubs, thinking I’ve got a shot at a prize, and getting totally blown out by someone with an extreme makeover sense of play.

In this case, it was someone else who was way, way, WAY blown out. And they won!

At Cafe Wellstone/Dancing Liberally’s "Big Bad Hair Night," Jacqrat was the acknowledged winner. Many of us didn’t know Jacq was male until we couldn’t find his name on the voting board.

Benazir Bhutto Memorial

When I first arrived, there were security people literally everywhere – hanging in midair all around the site, which was on a hillside looking down toward where the memorial was set up. I was invited by an acquaintance from Lauk’s Nest who helped with either finding a place for the memorial, or placing the images and flowers.

The mood was eerie and quite tense, and it was quite moving (even though we were quite immobile).

In spite of an attack by griefers and almost totally immobilizing rez problems, the memorial went on as planned.

Maxamillion Kleene

Yes, you can go to concerts in Second Life, with varying results: this one was a good one with minimal “lag” and some very colorful people in the audience.

I continue to be amazed by the insane amount of attention people devote to making objects, clothes, skins, and other builds in Second Life.

Detail upon Detail

Insane level of detail on the inside of the Robinson Crusoe on Mars build. Moving the camera view around to see the inside without barging right in was interesting, as the sound effects were highly directional and came from various different consoles.