Embodiment of Spam_001

This spamvertising chick really got on my last nerve. I was at NCI Kuula the other night watching an "Oldbies Build" contest, which had a theme of "Games." It was really starting to get interesting, as the contestant on the right hand had constructed one of those tube-and-bead toys, and there was a chess set going on the other side, and behind me someone had constructed a DDR machine that light up when you stepped on the pads (the eventual winner).

The host had donned a Space Invaders avatar for the occasion, and kept having to request that this Gor slave girl chick stop advertising… she had a white title script that said "Click me for $L!!" that doesn’t show in the photo.

Also, the "silks" were badly fitted and stood out too far from her skinny-ass shape, so that you could see EVERYTHING, or you could have if she’d bothered to pay for a "curtains and carpet" skin.

Several of us mentioned that "clothes would be nice." This was too subtle (there’s a no nudity policy at NCI). When I was trying to get her profile, I was annoyed that it invoked the script that popped up a "FREE LINDENS" dialog box that offered to open a website. I kept cancelling. The annoying thing was that she got a notice of whoever clicked on her and she triumphantly announced this as a reason she should be allowed to stay. I replied "No, I just wanted to know why somebody would want to be the embodiment of spam."

People kept jeering at her to put some clothes on and sit down, and the host must have said something privately, because she took off… straight up.

Whatever. It was just so stupid. The "free lindens!!!!" websites are kind of creepy, actually, and I got bored with them (and their endless promises of just one more page until payout). And of course now I get tons of spam because I filled out a couple of surveys before I wised up. This is why this sort of spamvertising is banned from a newbie-welcoming place such as NCI.

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