O Hai U Liek Mai Nu Lookz?

I had been away from Second Look for almost two months, and in the meantime it done upgraded itself beyond the capabilities of my laptop. I’m now in the process of getting a desktop system set up, as my partner Rock Fall and I have a collection of computer parts down in his lair.

So far, my new system is VERY barebones made up of stuff lying around unused, and I seem to be very short of memory, so we’re waiting for that to arrive via shipment. It may be that I have to crack loose with the ducats for a brand new barebones system. I enjoy socializing online and I’ve missed hanging out chatting and indulging my passion for quality freebies.

Tonight’s look was found at OnREZ – kimono by HIPPO with the sword from A+U Creations’ adorable Tiny Samurai Outfit.

The Siamese kitty is of course by So very kawai desu, neh? So funny watching myself whirl around on my head to the music, using a Tiny Critters dance gadget.

The larger issue (ironic in a post about being a tiny for a while) is…. why?

Because it’s fun to be able to be anything I want, look the way I want. I don’t really have a lot of options in RL: I’m just not interested in struggling with clothes that don’t fit or flatter, or wearing makeup that might get in my eyes and bug me. And don’t get me started about shoes and boots that don’t feet or feel comfortable.

In Second Life, anything is possible – whimsy, satire, beauty, art, and more – in the way you choose to look.

My new look as a tiny. It was "Historical Costumes Night" at Grizzy’s and I got bored being all glamorous in a Boleyn gown. I also attended a masked ball in this outfit – have mask, will party!

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