Asagao Memorial: "We love you. We miss you."

After an enjoyable evening as a tiny audience member at the geisha performance at Asagao Treasures, I “got big” so I could walk around more easily, shopped, and then discovered that there was a treasure hunt. For a change, it involved looking for “photos” that had been taken at various spots – very arty, pretty photos, so that it was a pleasure to walk around looking at the lovely garden area, which was called “Asagao Memorial Park.” The first few “finds” are in the more commercial entertainment area, but then you are gently led toward the serene parkland; a good eye for plants and landscaping helps, as the photos were taken where the boxes were planted.

I listened to music and searched the gardens, and then realized there were some rather good windchimes and decided to turn WinAmp off and just drift. That’s when I found my way to the temple, which is a memorial to people who’ve committed suicide.

Asagao Memorial Park

The candles flicker, the messages to loved ones float above the flames. Many languages, all saying the same thing. “We love you. We miss you.” So sad.

I found a blog post about the installation:

Asagao Memorial Park at Second Seeker – Unofficial Second Life Reviews

And that is what Asagao Memorial Park does: it gives some time and space to reflect on those we love who have “lost their lives to suicide,” as the plaque at the start of the park phrases it, as well as offering a place for healing and support for those of us affected by the suicide.

The park itself is lovely: as soon as you arrive, you hear birds singing, the sound of waves nearby, that complement the soothing and graceful views of flowers, trees, lighted pathways.


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