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Asagao Treasures is proud to host the exquisite ladies of Little Yoshiwara Okiya as they perform their dances, stories and poetry to the sound of beautiful Japanese music. For a wonderful cultural experience, or just a truly fine entertainment, join us at 7pm SLT, every Monday, at the Asagao Treasures venue!

While listening to the tale of Hime-Hase and her evil stepmother, it became apparent that somewhere near by, people were playing with battle-enabled weapons.

[19:44] Devi Agrawal: But the old servant knew that the young Princess was quite innocent of all the things her step-mother had invented to him as reasons for her outrageous orders, and he determined to save her life.
[19:44] Lelani Carver relaxes a bit
[19:44] Free Radar HUD v1.1 by Crystal Gadgets
[19:44] Devi Agrawal: Unless he killed her, however, he could not return to his cruel task-mistress, so he decided to stay out in the wilderness.
[19:44] Mad Thunder Combat HUD (ADMIN) 2.8 shouts: Lorrie Paine has entered Tombstone!
[19:44] Devi Agrawal: With the help of some peasants he soon built a little cottage, and having sent secretly for his wife to come; these two good old people did all in their power to take care of the now unfortunate Princess.
[19:44] Eru Males: lol
[19:45] Bronze Peacemaker (Left Handed) 2.0: Lorrie Paine has drawn a weapon!
[19:45] Devi Agrawal: She all the time trusted in her father, knowing that as soon as he returned home and found her absent, he would search for her.
[19:45] Eru Males: My word Lorrie Paine what are you doing?
[19:45] Devi Agrawal: Prince Toyonari, after some weeks, came home, and was told by his wife that his daughter Hime had done something wrong and had run away for fear of being punished.

And so it went. The story ended happily, but not without some sad events. There was no music, but the dance animations were very pretty and nicely done. Tonight there seem to be several Japanese themed events at okiya (geisha houses) and so I’m tricked out in my good kimono.

It only fits my cat avatar, though, so I’m very small, and had to hop around trying to find a good place to stand, as “sitting” just looks dumb when you’re a tiny. Someone remarked that I was an ascended neko, and so I obliged by hovering for a while. I hope that I brought luck to the performance.

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