Kidnappings, Mayhem, Parties: Just Another Day In Northfarthing

Castle Rave_001

My SL neighbor Mist started a blog for our home sim, and things are already starting to happen over there.

Welcome new people… « Northfarthing

I’ve got a handful of invites sent out, and a few new folks here at the NF blog and on WP. Welcome welcome, make yourself at home. Clean my kitchen. (Can’t blame me for trying…)

Here’s a question, to get some conversation started: what do you like best about NF?

It’s a quiet sim… not much happens there. People peacefully go about their business and nobody bothers anyone else, except for the odd kidnapping, or that time a real red dragon came to the Green Dragon pub. Oh, and Mist turned evil.

Nope, nothing much going on in quiet, peaceful Northfarthing, except when pirates bellow for everybody to come over to the castle for an impromptu party on the roof. It’s kind of hard to ignore the summons when a pirate bellows, of course, and I was more or less dressed for an event or a happening, since I was planning to go to an okiya (Japanese geisha house) for a celebration of Kodomo no hi (Children’s Day, or Boys’ Day).

So I left my simple cell in the Abbey of St Christopher (where I spend my time in contemplation of all the crap in my inventory, incessantly trying on outfits and hairs) and walked over to the castle.

On entry through the open doors, it’s an impressive place… I bumped into furniture for awhile, and then stumbled up the stairs. As it was Rhianon’s birthday, the party was on the roof, according to the shouted instructions… nice place, with a beautiful tree in bloom, an elven drum circle, and a fire. I was relieved that I managed not to crash-land in the middle of the bonfire.

And then something magical happened.

Castle Rave_002

That’s me, somewhere in there, with the wings on, doing the “flying dance” (also known as the “horizon loop” with our pirate host. I usually don’t go in for performance art, but this was exhilarating.

Castle Rave_003

It’s all done with poseballs, animations, particle attachments, yadda yadda blah blah blah.

No… it’s magic.

Castle Rave_004

This is what it looked like with the camera view at maximum distance. Pirate Braveheart’s particles were the rod-shaped ones, and the ones I had were the fuzzy globular once. I had no idea what mine looked like when I found them in my folder; they were a freebie from some hunt or other. Fortunately, the colors were pretty much the same.

Maybe I should really re-think my whole “I’m not a creative person” stance, as this was way more fun than changing outfits all evening in my little cell.

Castle Rave_005

After “sunrise,” everyone started in on the elven drums in earnest. I’ve done this before with friends, but not with such a purpose in mind – to produce dance music for someone. Soon enough, the Pirate and his lady began a couple dance, and the rest of us played on for them for awhile, before drifting away to other events. It was a nice beginning to the evening.

From there, I went on to the geisha event after a quick stop at another birthday party. So many great, fun things to do, but the most colorful event was the impromptu party in my home sim.


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  1. Why Miss Lelani… You made our little last minute event something special. It was fun floating around with you and making our particle magic… and thanks for sending me some of those fuzzy particles you used. It was a fun little even made even better by you hearing my call. Seeing how mush you enjoyed it makes me want to have more of them.

    Thanks MLady!

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