I Builded Me Something!

If anyone is reading this, you’ll know I haven’t had much interest in actually making or building stuff, just shopping and socializing. Well, after the exertions of the STEAM hunt, and seeing how people have created amazing things, I was suddenly inspired.

I can barely rezz a box, but somehow I managed to make a primitive type of step tansu, with a texture I’d gotten from somewhere. I managed to box up stuff I’m not using, and then put those boxes into the tansu steps. I have a lot of clothes and “furniture” and funny party props that just take up space (and then my inventory takes longer to load). And I’m about to have a ton more, because I have about 100 boxes to unpack and sort from the hunt.

I got the idea from one of Torley Linden’s helpful video tutorials, YouTube – How to manage your inventory. In it, he mentioned the simple idea of creating and decorating a gift box and putting stuff in it (or as the running joke on SL has it, “stuffs”).

I had to struggle and fuss to figure out what is and is not possible (why can’t there be folders to organize objects in boxes??) and had to figure out how to put hovertext labels on, but eventually I ended up with something that looks approximately like a step tansu. Yes, yes, sure, sure, I’m coming up on my 2nd year as a Second Life resident. Mock me, I don’t care; it’s the first thing I’ve built completely on my own was my idea. I know there are more advanced ways to do this – I actually HAD a freebie organizer at one time, but couldn’t figure out what to do with it (should have kept the script, oh well). It was a stupid looking heart that I got in a hunt, and I can’t find the shop now to go back and look at other examples.

Yes, I know I could do it in 1 big prim, or in 3, but I didn’t know how to handle the sqaure texture that well, so I stayed with the plain square box. To be usable, the prims have to be unlinked, but they have to be linked to be moved in one piece. I may link them once I’m done putting stuffs in the boxes.

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