Run Away Home

Now that I’ve bought my silly little plot of land in an unfashionable corner of Zindra The Unnamed Continent, I’ve futzed around with putting freebie buildings on it, but have already screwed up the “tiki hut” I picked up somewhere. I’m working on building a more elegant islander house, though, so may soon be shopping for textures.

However, I spent too long at it; Today I have a “SLangover” from a poor night’s sleep, which was not entirely due to “new builder’s befuddlement.”

My partner Rock Fall, who’s inactive in SL, greeted me with bad news when I returned with takeout food. His mom’s breast cancer has returned, and the topic is not something I can go into detail on my RL blog, since she’s been known to read it (and ask adorably bewildered questions about the Internets).

I love her very much, and though any cancer diagnosis is bad, this is badder; the cancer is advanced and thought to be agressive. My husband is understandably upset and so is everyone else. And I have this intense need, while online, to re-create a childhood home of mine that I haven’t seen since I was 4 years old.

Why? I saw a similar low-cost, low-prim home on Xstreet, and thought it might be an easier “my first house” than the tiki hut/ bure’ one based on two tapered cylinders with teak floors I have in mind.

So what is it that I think will be so much easier? A simple “adobe” or pueblo styled house, with three levels, with exposed rafters. I think I might be able to do it all pretty easily with standard textures and white “stucco” walls.

Why? Because Christmas is coming, and I need to feel it this year more than most. I’ll make luminarias, and strings of blue Christmas lights, and I’ll build a piñon pine tree, too.

Again, why? Because I lost my own mom several years ago, and I don’t want to lose another one so soon.

I’m building fortifications against sorrow, on a foundation of happy memories from long ago. And I’ll invite friends “over,” and have music, and give them gifts of luminarias and Southwestern pottery. And maybe I’ll make myself the sterling silver squash-blossom necklace I’ve always wanted…

Who knows? Maybe I’ll recreate things that I’ve lost or broken over the years, too. It’s my Second Life, after all.

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